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Twice-weekly business creation and growth show, hosted by Corbin Links. Featured interviews include business, marketing productivity, and growth-hacking experts. Main focus is how to build and grow a coaching business FAST. Corbin is an International Business Consultant, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, and Productivity Hacker. Content is guided by the BizLife Equation: great health + supercharged business + powered-up productivity = AMAZING LIFE (and world!) The Corbin Links Show is founded on the core concept that health, business, and productivity are all part of the same equation. Each week, Corbin also interviews productivity experts, health and nutritional experts, business experts, growth hackers, mind hackers and more! Each week, Corbin dives deep on one part of the equation. Some weeks he might be 2Xing (or working to 100X) your business. Other weeks, the topic might be supercharged health and nutrition or productivity to power through your life and business with amazing focus and energy.
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Jul 29, 2015


Today, we're diving into something that's way way overdue, and I get a lot of questions about. That is part 1 of a new two-part series on "How to Maintain High-Performance Health During Business Travel". This part one segment includes a special tip I haven't shared anywhere else. A tip that could reduce your hotel room noise by over 30%, help you sleep better on the road, be more comfortable and more.


In the feature segment, I'm going to talk to you about something most others won't. Something big firms, HR departments, recruiters, test labs and governments don't like to you to think about....


But it's big business for them, and big risk for YOU, and you should know what you're up against.


So we're going to dive into.......BACKGROUND CHECKS. What they are, what you need to know, how to protect yourself since now all the background checkers are getting hacked——with *your* information. I'm talking the United States Government: Twice that WE know about. But I don't want to just pick on my government, because it's happening to anyone who has your info.


But as serious and ominous or "gloomy" as that may sound, this is a positively *bangin'* show. I want you to be informed, enabled, equipped, and engaged. I share 12+ tips to help you decide when——and if——you'll participate in a background check.


And in the Bangin' Your Productivity Segment, I'm covering a couple highly-useful tools which can make web browsing easier, clean up the screen, and get you reading instead of clicking all over the screen to stop all the drama and just read the darn article!


Yep, got a lot to talk about - mr. announcer man, HIT IT!


Jul 22, 2015

What do incline boards, losing (or gaining) client opportunities, website hosting, client attraction have in common?

They're all related to questions asked by listeners and business colleagues. Because this is...Q&A catch-up episode! I'm going to try and answer at least 5 questions from the queue (they're piling up, but keep them coming) and we'll see how far I get.

We'll be bangin' your health today with an inexpensive, but highly versatile liquid which can remove acne, clean your system, help digestion, smooth up your skin, clean out the system gunk and much more.

Bangin' Your Productivity returns this week with one of my favorite new calendar / task tools. I've been using it every day for about 5 weeks now and am loving it.

As always, lots and lots to cover so let's do this!

Full show notes and details here:

Jul 15, 2015

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Learn:

  • The secret one thing you can do to ensure you'll never run out of clients or opportunities.
  • Two major health and nutrition tips that can turn your life around in mere days. How strategic use of fruit can help you close more business deals!
  • How to build and expand your brand and business by having people buy *less*
  • What you need to know before taking your consulting or professional services business online.
  • How to validate any business idea before implementing.
  • Doing this for just 5 minutes in the middle of the business day can completely boost your mood and transform your day.
  • Tired of being told "humans only use 10% of their brains" and want to use more? How about LOTS more?
  • Why "salt studies" and "GI/glycemic" studies are completely flawed. This segment may have you completely rethinking your relationship to salt (the right kind) and salt.
  • Confused by all the carbohydrate wars? Diet "A" says carbs are evil. Diet "B" say you need them. Lars settles the eternal "carbohydrate debate" once and for all. Here's what the science says about your brain and carbs...
  • Got high blood pressure? Here's how to lower it naturally.
  • How to turn your taste buds up to 11.
  • Lars' theory of "simple shifts" and how they can wield HUGE results.
  • And so much more!

Once you've listened, take advantage of Lars' 100% FREE training. His training builds nicely on the "7 Keys to High-Performance Health" series we ran a few episodes ago.

Here's Lars:

Jul 8, 2015

Full show notes:

What if I told you that you could increase your productivity 200% or more? ... Yes, really!

Or master a challenging skill like getting a black belt in taekwondo in 1 or 2 years less than average, but with even fewer training sessions?

Or on the consulting front, how about delivering more client value in less time, and with far fewer distractions?

Well these are all possible and much more. And in today's feature segment I'm super pumped to be joined by special guest Tor Refsland, the time management chef!

Let's go!

[Exclusively for Bangin' Your Business Listeners: Tor has an exclusive gift for you. I encourage you to grab it before he changes his mind. I can't believe he's giving away this much productivity-boosting power!]

Jul 1, 2015

Today we're talking molasses (but our show will move faster than that...)Were talking how to choose technical or consulting projects from a sea of options.

We're bangin' on health with one of my favorite nutrition hacks of all time.

Plus, we're going to turbocharge our learning in the "Bangin' Your Productivity" segment.


Let's get too it!

For show notes and more, visit