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Twice-weekly business creation and growth show, hosted by Corbin Links. Featured interviews include business, marketing productivity, and growth-hacking experts. Main focus is how to build and grow a coaching business FAST. Corbin is an International Business Consultant, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, and Productivity Hacker. Content is guided by the BizLife Equation: great health + supercharged business + powered-up productivity = AMAZING LIFE (and world!) The Corbin Links Show is founded on the core concept that health, business, and productivity are all part of the same equation. Each week, Corbin also interviews productivity experts, health and nutritional experts, business experts, growth hackers, mind hackers and more! Each week, Corbin dives deep on one part of the equation. Some weeks he might be 2Xing (or working to 100X) your business. Other weeks, the topic might be supercharged health and nutrition or productivity to power through your life and business with amazing focus and energy.
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May 25, 2016

Today I’m super pumped to be joined by Jeffrey Goodman, international photographer, business consultant, speaker, and creator of the popular CareerHearted Essentials and Business Fundamentals courses.

In this longer-than usual, but power-packed episode, Jeffrey and I dive deep into topics of how to live life by your rules, not someone else’s, how to create transformation in you life and the lives of your clients, what seasons and business have in common (a whole new model), quotable and tweet able take-aways.

One of the many things I love about Jeffrey’s teaching style and material, is the way he uses lots of illustrations, stories, and metaphors to help the material sink in. Truly one of the best teachers you can come across.

This interview is a bit longer than some of my others, but it’s packed with actionable information for your life and business. So pull up your favorite beverage, grab a notepad (unless you’re running or driving…)

What You Will Learn

  • Why Mother Nature is really the “killer app” (and what to do about it)
  • How to manage major life (and business) changes and transitions
  • How to build a strong business based on the four seasons of nature
  • What most coaches struggle with—and how to overcome it
  • Key differences between people who do what they love and those who don’t
  • How to completely change careers and businesses without fear or loss of income
  • Why sometimes your best clients may not be the easiest to work with
  • Why ANYTHING can get done
  • How to transition from working IN your business, to working ON your business
  • The real product of your business (hint: it’s NOT your service or widget)
  • What are the main factors holding us back from our greatest business potential
  • Differences between “business owners” and “people who own businesses”
  • How many contacts it really takes, before customers want your stuff
  • And that’s all just for starters!

Full show notes and resources for this episode:

May 18, 2016

Are you a corporate or big-company employee thinking of going out on your own? Taking charge of your career and starting your own consulting or coaching business?

Think the whole thing sounds a bit scary and uncertain?

A listener pointed out to me that I’ve talked a lot about the details of starting and running a business, but not so much about what it’s like to do it.

What’s a day in the life? What are some of the biggest challenges in making the shift from the hourly or salary model, to the independent business model?

Important things to think about, and honestly, I didn’t give enough consideration when I got started either.

So in today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • 5 of the biggest challenges you’ll face when leaving steady j-o-b, or the corporate world
  • 6 questions to answer for yourself BEFORE you consider starting your own business
  • A day in the life: what’s it really like being a coach?

My goal is that after today’s episode, you’ll be crystal clear on your next step—whether staying where you are for now, or building your own business plan.

Ready? Let’s do this!

May 11, 2016

Over the past two seasons, I’ve featured brain hackers, productivity masters, growth hackers, one-page marketer maestros and now….one of the premier experts on startups and lean business.

Well, today I’m joined by none other than Ash Maurya, best-selling author of “Running Lean” and his upcoming book “Scaling Lean” due out in mid June.

Ash’s work has been featured in…well, pretty much anywhere and everywhere in the startup and lean business space. Ash is considered a go-to expert in the area and teaches principles from his books, businesses, and workshops to entrepreneurs all around the world.

I’m super-pumped to have the opportunity to talk with Ash today! Grab a notepad and your favorite beverage (unless you’re running or driving or something) and join me for the interview.

Let’s hit it!

May 4, 2016

Today is a special “Classics Wednesday”, where I roll a popular must-listen episode of The Corbin Links Show.

Today’s season one classic is one of the most popular episodes ever—something all consultants and coaches can relate to. Most of us are not just in it for the money of course. We actually want to see our clients get BIG results from our coaching sessions. Our tools, methods, and materials, and advice.

But what happens when clients either ignore our advice, or do something contrary? Frustrating isn’t it? But more than that, some clients may even lay blame at the consultant's door when they follow something contrary to advice?

That’s the theme. This episode was originally published as “6 Ways to Increase Acceptance of Your Consulting Solutions”. I’m rolling the full thing in its entirety.

Oh! One other thing: if you’re brand-new to the show, you might not know The Corbin Links Show was originally called “Bangin’ Your Business”. Don’t let that throw you when the show rolls…

I’ll be back next week with a brand-new show and bonus interview.

Let’s hit it!