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Twice-weekly business creation and growth show, hosted by Corbin Links. Featured interviews include business, marketing productivity, and growth-hacking experts. Main focus is how to build and grow a coaching business FAST. Corbin is an International Business Consultant, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, and Productivity Hacker. Content is guided by the BizLife Equation: great health + supercharged business + powered-up productivity = AMAZING LIFE (and world!) The Corbin Links Show is founded on the core concept that health, business, and productivity are all part of the same equation. Each week, Corbin also interviews productivity experts, health and nutritional experts, business experts, growth hackers, mind hackers and more! Each week, Corbin dives deep on one part of the equation. Some weeks he might be 2Xing (or working to 100X) your business. Other weeks, the topic might be supercharged health and nutrition or productivity to power through your life and business with amazing focus and energy.
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Mar 30, 2016

Let's hit it...

You've heard me talking about ground up business building for the past few weeks. I've covered a lot recently from my new course and other material.

But what you HAVEN'T heard me talk too much about yet is marketing. Sure—we're getting there in our current multi-part series.

But then I thought: why not bring on one of the premier marketing experts to discuss something near and dear to us all:

How to get our marketing up and running and turbocharge it, in....

...are you ready for this?....


Nope, that's not a typo—the master of the one page marketing plan joins us today from that great land down under.

Today, I'm joined by none other than Allan Dib, international coach, consultant, business builder, author, and creator of the 1-Page Marketing Plan.

This was a really fun, inspirational, and powerful interview. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I did talking with Allan. Be sure to take lots of notes, and check the resources at the end for Allan's book.

If you care anything about marketing, or just wish it could be simpler, faster, and more effective—this is YOUR episode.

Let's hit it!

Mar 25, 2016

It's questions and ACTIONS Friday!

Today's question comes from Simone, who writes:

"I'm just starting out and also listened to your show about budgets, and how much money I need to launch my business. A few of my friends have suggested bartering some of my services, to help with the cost. Any suggestions?"

Simone that's a really interesting and timely question.

Several years ago, our company partnered in a venture to offer online bartering services. That project didn't quite go the direction we planned, but the learning experience was amazing!

I've also bartered for various services in the past including dentistry and construction services. So I do have some experience and perspective on this issue.

Today I'll talk about what bartering IS, some of its upsides and downsides, then share my honest opinion about building a business with bartering.

Lots to cover in our Friday short-form format, so let's get rockin'!

Mar 23, 2016

Let's hit it...

Coaching Profits Intensive is here! And I'll be sharing links and download information in today's show.

We're in the middle of a "lite version" walk through of my new Coaching Profits Intensive course. Today is part 2 of a two-part mini mini-series on coaching business pricing.

In part 1 ( got deep into the topics of coaching packages, pricing models: hourly, fixed, hybrid pricing and a ton of other stuff. If you somehow missed it, hit the 'pause' button and give CLS020 a listen. Then come on back here, because I'm tackling part 2 of the topic: Coaching Service Pricing DOs and Don'ts.

If you're anything like me, you'll see yourself or at least your past self in the "don'ts" list. And hey—that's ok. I'm sharing this so we can all be better at pricing, selling, and delivering awesome coaching packages to our clients.

Lots to do and talk about, so let's do this!

Mar 18, 2016

"Can We Make This a Group Coaching Session?"

It's questions and ACTIONS Friday!

Today's question comes from Pedro:

"I just signed a big business client. After the first session, he wants to have his operations and sales people attend the calls. It's a good amount of money and I don't want to lose it, but the deal was just for one-on-one.

What should I do?"

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro....great question!

I had this very thing happen just last year. This stuff happens all the time, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, they're paying money right? And doesn't everyone always say "the more, the merrier"?

There are upsides, downsides and some good ways to handle this very thing. I'll share a 6-point framework to keep your coaching sessions on target, and with the right number of people in each.

Lots to cover in our Friday short-form format, so let's get cookin'!

Mar 16, 2016

Continuing a walk (or run...) through my upcoming *Coaching Profits Intensive course.

In case you missed it, the goal if this series starting from Episode CLS014, ( is cover my upcoming course end-to-end and module by module.

When this series is complete, I'll have shared about 40% of the course content for f-r-e-e.

Of course, if you want to fast-track your way to the 30-day program and get 100% of the content, you won't have long to wait. Stick around for the announcement.

In today's episode you will learn:

1. The 3 Things you must have in place before creating coaching packages and prices.

2. A whole new way to flip your thinking about sales and sell more coaching.

3. The 4 major pricing models, with examples.

If you're struggling to figure out pricing, packages, or you have them and want to book more coaching clients, this is YOUR episode.

Today is Part 1 of a two-part series on coaching business pricing and packaging.

Let's hit it...

Mar 11, 2016

It's questions and ACTIONS Friday! This week I'm tackling TWO questions. Because one of them is about the show itself---and that almost feels like cheating, doesn’t it? But, you ask, I answer. So we’ll talk about the show for a minute, then dive into to the feature segment.

First, long-time listener Jonathan wrote in asking-

"Where's the old health segment? what about productivity tools?"

It's a great question, and though I've mentioned it at the beginning of the season, there is a bit more to the story. As always, I'll tie this back to practical business lessons you can use in your own life and coaching practice---or whatever field you're in.

Second, Margarite asks:

"I just booked my first business coaching client, but I'm not sure what to do? I really want to make a good first impression, but am nervous about how it might go. Any pointers?"

Can I level with you? I still---almost 3 decades into this business--get butterflies. Especially when working with brand new, or unknown clients. But there are some excellent strategies to tackle this one.

I've got 5 suggestions for you to help soothe the worries, and keep your session focused on value delivery. Lots to cover, so let's get rollin'!

Mar 9, 2016

Oh yeah! We're walking---no, running through my new course ! So much to cover...

In case you've been, oh, hiding under a rock the past couple shows, you'll know we're building a coaching business together.

Already have a coaching business up and running? No problem. You’ll probably learn a few new things as well.

Here's what we're going to cover:

1. A full module-by-module layout of my upcoming coaching business course. (If you listen carefully, you’ll find a hidden lesson about course design…)

2. Then, pick up where we left off last week and resume with an overview of my famous "7 Things Lesson".

3. 5 Must-Ask Questions to Define Your Target Market.

4. I’ll talk about how to apply the material from last week’s BIO Plan exercise (you did do the BIO Plan exercise, right?)

5. And a bit more.

Whether you jump all over my new course or not, there's lots to learn and will be sharing a good chunk of the content in the coming weeks.

Big agenda today so let's just dive in!

Mar 4, 2016

It's time for Questions and ACTIONS Friday!

And it's another great one. Michael asks "Do I need to know more, or be more successful than my coaching clients?" And I'll finish the sentence ... order to coach them?"

I think we've all been here.

Maybe we're starting out, and we're fighting this "imposter" syndrome we sometimes get in. That we just don't think we have what it takes.

Or, that we don't have the experience to "measure up".

Or that our clients are naturally EXPECTING us to naturally know more than they do, or be more successful at whatever that thing is.

I've got some definite hard-won experience with this and opinions about it, so we're diving deep. Let's roll!

Mar 2, 2016

We're moving on to part 2 of our ongoing walk through my upcoming Coaching Business Course.

I'm super-pumped about today's show because it's *totally*different from most of my other shows. Today, we have homework AND a handout. So here's what I want you to do:

First, right now, click over (ok, if you're on your computer. If you're not, then know...) to You'll see a big old signup form with the words "BIO Plan". You want that handout for the show.

Already, here's what we're going into today:

1. Do I need a core audience? (we'll cover this in the next episode, or one after.) This one comes up a lot and we're going to grapple a bit with it.

2. Results in coaching. What's realistic, what are you "on the hook for" when working with clients.

3. Walk through of our exclusive BIO Plan. This is content from our upcoming course, and it's an opportunity to preview one teeny-tiny piece of it here.

We've got a lot to cover today so let's get into it!